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What are Google Ads, Adwords or PPC?

People search for products and services on Google using words or phrases known as keywords or search terms. The Google search engine returns search results relevant to those keywords. You cannot alter these natural or organic search results, but your Google Ads ad can appear above and below these Google search results, in response to the keywords searched. Your website is now just a click away from a potential lead or customer. The connection to your business is instant.

Why you should trust your money with us

Google Ads differ from traditional forms of advertising. It doesn’t come with price lists or rate cards. Instead, the standard pricing model relies on a cost-per-click (CPC) based auction. Run correctly AdWords is proven to be one of the most targeted, and cost effective marketing forms available today. Why you should put your trust with us:

  • We have run 1000’s of successful Google Ads campaigns for Australian businesses of all sizes
  • Our team has been running Google Ads campaigns since Google was a toddler (2002)
  • You will have complete transparency to Google’s account metrics and results
  • We are accredited as a Certified Google Partner

Google Ads Management Fee

If you do not fully understand principles and techniques such as “Quality Score”, bid management, targeting and conversion optimisation. You may find that you are paying more than twice the price for each click, and what’s more, each conversion, sale or lead, could be costing you more than you are actually making!

However… we are here to help! Small businesses that don’t want to invest in PPC training, should consider employing us, yep us! A Google Accredited specialist PPC agency, to set-up and manage your Google Ads account(s) professionally. Click here for our costs.

Why you’ll know you made the right decision

It can be hard to settle on a company to trust with the management of an AdWords account. Here are some things that separate us from other Pay Per Click (PPC) management companies and will put your mind at ease:

  • Better targeted ad copy to attract the right audience, and prevent the wrong market wasting your budget. Google also rewards more relevant ads with a higher quality score and a higher ad position for less cost.
  • Ad scheduling so your ads only appear at the time of day that you want them to
  • Filtering out irrelevant search traffic which is chewing up your budget
  • All of our Account Managers are individually qualified with Google, so they know what they are doing

We will also work with you on your website using web copywriting, content management is crucial to achieving your goals, whether you want to increase conversion rates or boost enquiries. In conjunction with a Google Ads campaign a higher converting site will turn more visitors into sales and leads and decrease your cost per click (CPC).

We would love to hear from you

If you would like results now get in touch with us. We can be reached on 0418 135 304 or via our contact page.


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