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Google My Business, Google Maps and you

Customers undertaking a local search are among the most targeted and commercially viable of all users online. Not only are they looking for a certain product or service, but they are in or searching within a physical proximity and research shows they are more likely to buy.

Google continues to place more relevance on geographic factors across key properties such as Google search and Google Business (previously Google Maps and Google Plus). Therefore a local search optimisation strategy is vital for most businesses.

Why You Need Google Maps Optimisation

Google Maps Optimisation, also known as Local Search Optimisation is the process of undertaking work to enhance the position of a business’s listing in Google maps. This means exposure in Google search results, Google maps searches and the growing mobile search space. This can be very helpful if:

  • You service a defined geographical area
  • You run your business from one physical location
  • You have multiple outlets
  • A Google Map appears when keywords relating to your business are searched for

Local and Google Business Places search engine optimisation is ideal for small to medium business or companies with multiple locations, as companies with multiple storefronts often encounter difficulties ranking properly in Google Business Places without assistance. As Google Maps experts, we at 123 Digital understand the dozens of factors that Google considers when determining which businesses should appear at the top of a particular map. We can get you a better rank, faster, as easy as 123. (Yep, still corny but ohh so true)

However, this service is often utilised as one slice of an online marketing pie that also involves comprehensive search engine optimisation. This aims to make sure that when customers are looking for your products or services they find your website rather than a competitors.

If you’d like to know more we’d love to hear from you

If you would like your business to benefit from a more prominent location on local search we would love to help you. We can be reached via our contact page or on 0418 135 304.


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