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Improve the Performance of Your Online Marketing

You may be happy with your website and investing in online media but wanting to get better results with the marketing budget you are investing. Or you may be unhappy with your website and not sure where to go next. If you feel your overall online strategy could be improved I would suggest you contact the fabulous team at 123 Digital.

There are a number of areas which can improve the performance of your online marketing campaigns ranging from:

  • The tactics used
  • How well campaigns are targeted
  • The effectiveness of ad creative
  • The landing pages you take people to

What we would love to do for you

  • Google Adwords Audit

If you have been running Google Adwords either yourself or through an agency or provider but wondering how performance could be improved or if your agency could be doing a better job, we can help. At 123 Digital we will complete an audit of your Adwords campaigns and your landing pages to identify opportunities to improve the conversion rate.

  • Google Analytics Audit

You may have Google Analytics set up but wondering how you can better utilise reporting features and analytics strategies to measure return in investment. We will complete a review of how you’re using Google Analytics to identify ways you can improve how you measure success and attribute value to marketing campaigns using Google Analytics features.

  • Online Marketing Audit

For anyone who is wondering how the performance of their website and internet marketing campaigns could be improved. 123 Digital will complete a review of everything you are doing with your online marketing to identify opportunities to improve return on investment and grow sales.

If you want the full picture, we would love to hear from you

Feel the need for a revamp or searching for a higher return on your online marketing then we would love to hear from you. We can be reached via our contact page or on 0418 135 304.


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