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Why all businesses should consider responsive website design

Being found online is one thing, but having a website that works on all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones, is now more important than ever.

But as internet technology evolved so did the demands of the modern web user. Today’s websites need to be responsive, but what makes a website responsive and why is this so important for a small business owner?

Responsive design is simply a website design which can adapt to different screen sizes. It is important for businesses which want to be found because you can design and build your website one time, and you customers get an equally good experience whether they access it on a mobile phone, a laptop, or something in between like an iPad.

Responsive design is also Google friendly

Businesses whose customers find them on Google should also consider a mobile website. Google has updated its search algorithms to give preference to mobile optimised websites when people search on their mobile phones. Once your website is optimised for mobile or tablet devices, you will start climbing up the search rankings, and your required bids to show up in search ads (the sponsored links at the top of the page) will start to reduce.