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Google Algorithm Change Affecting Mobile Rankings

Google made a huge change to its algorithm that could affect your website traffic and mobile ranking, websites that do not work well on mobile or tablet screens may suffer a drop in website traffic and their mobile ranking.

This is an issue for many small to medium businesses in Australia because only 26% have a mobile-specific website.

If you’re a small business with a website that isn’t mobile optimised now is the time to get it fixed because you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers and returning website traffic.

Check your website with Google’s mobile friendly check tool

Ensure that your website meets the criteria set out by Google by simply running it using Google’s Mobile Friendly Check Tool.

This check will give your site the all clear if it complies with their criteria. If not, it will outline all the things you need to fix to meet the compliance of the algorithm change.

Make sure you get through that list and fix everything to the best of your ability.

So if your website traffic has dropped or your mobile ranking changed… we can help.  Contact one of the fabulous team at 123 Digital today on 0418 135 304.